Friday, March 03, 2006

Thailand Ho!

Ok, this is a quick posting to inform everyone that I am in Thailand and everything is ok.

I flew to Bangkok and connected to Phuket on the 2nd... Yesterday I did a little training ride around Phuket Island with no bags. Holy it's hot here, but fortunately I bought some cycling shirts just before I left.

In other news, I managed to lose my camera there in the final scrum in Taiwan. How? I don't know... Now I gotta buy a new one. Any recommendations?

Ok, time to get out here. Planning on going Island hopping near here soon. Anyone have any recommendations on that?


David said...

Hey! Welcome to Thailand. Sorry to hear about your camera. In Phuket probably best to go to Big C or Tesco Lotus. They won't have a huge range, but you should find something suitable and the price reasonable.

I have never been there, but many people have recommended Koh Lanta as a good island. It is big enough to take your bike there and ride around.

I am going to Bangkok today. I will be back down south in about ten days. Let me know if you need help with anything. I will send you an e-mail with my mobile phone number.

Anonymous said...

真的嗎??? You sure you lost it? 那怎麼辦? Anything i can help? Btw, Matty is in Tailand now too (but will get back soon)!!! weiyi

Tyrn said...

Hey Man,
If you're into scuba diving, Thailands best is off Ko Tao, which is off the east peninsula. There's big Ko Samui, and then Ko Pa Ngan north of that, and then Ko Tao north of that. Worth it if you go, I promise.

have fun. There's supposed to be some great climbing in the Phuket area. I've seen some nice pictures. Have a salted orange juice for me.

- Tyrn