Saturday, February 25, 2006

And now for a picture that needs no explanation...

Sorry about the lack of postings. I have been really busy preparing to leave for Thailand on the morning of March 2nd.

Oh boy.

I will post again before I leave.

I hope this picture makes up for it. HA.


Simone said...

I, for one, would like an explanation.

Aaron Franz said...

Oh ok... I thought it was obvious?

I was in Taipei the other weekend and ended up at a huge computer gaming convention at the Taipei World Trade Center (don't think that I've started gaming or anything... it was a cultural experience).

Companies from Japan, Taiwan, and South Korea came together to show off their latest products, as well as preview future games and technology.

These conventions are kind of like Taiwan's equivalent of an American Hot Rod show, in that the companies hire hundreds of women to put on skimpy clothes and show off the wares (the computer wares... I think?)

But, the girls in the pic are were of a different sort. I guess they examplify another aspect of Taiwanese culture. There were quite a few people, girls and guys alike, who dressed up as their favorite computer game character and came out to pose and have their pictures taken with people.

This apparently started in Japan, and is called cosplay (combining the worlds costume and play). They make the costumes themselves and then show up all over the place (even the National Traditional Arts Center) to show off and have pictures taken with people. Not for money, just for fun.

Here are a couple links about it.

Thomas Dyck said...

Safe travels Aaron. Skype if you can before you leave.

Langer said...

I am Langer, who is from Taiwan, and very handsome.
I know you are in Thailand now. How's everything ?? Maybe it is new for you . I hope you can overcome everything there.
Wishing you everything goes well with you .