Thursday, February 16, 2006

For Sale

I'm leaving Taiwan on the 2nd of March, but I need to sell all of my worldly possessions first.

If you are interested in buying anything, give me a call at 0910641538 mornings, afternoons, or after 9:30 pm. Customers in Canada should dial
011-886-910641538 to order and discuss shipping options.

Friends who notice that I am selling things that you gave me should know that I plan to use part of the profits to buy you a beer the next time I see you.

Everything is cleaned and ready to go.

Blender - 100 NT
Sampo Toaster Oven - 200 NT

A pot for instant noodles! - 50 NT
Wok with copper bottom - 100 NT
Tea Pot - 100 NT

Fan - 150 NT
Heater - 150 NT... just look at that heat!

A reading lamp with no lamp shade... you can make one! Think of it as an art project - 20 NT

Shower curtain and rod - 100 NT

As well, if you are looking for an apartment, mine will be available. It's a pretty new 2 bedroom split level apartment next to the LuoDong Sports Park (not the castle or GuanTianXia).

It is fully furnished and has a good sized kitchen, living room, 1.5 bathrooms and hardwood floors upstairs.

Rent is 6000 a month plus utilities, plus a two month damage deposit. The landlord is totally hands off. You will never hear from her. Let me know


marcandorkylie said...

You ungrateful bastard! I slaved day and night to scrimp together enough cash to buy you that shower curtain! Remember all the good times we... umm, never mind.

Anonymous said...

20塊錢的燈...可以送給我嗎? ^_^ 看起來很有氣氛的樣子!!! Wei Yi

Sparks said...

Well, that toaster oven looks nice. It really looks clean and functional. Let me check my bank balance.