Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Cycle Mountain, Cycle Sea - Part II

On Tuesday from TaiDong (22 73'69.23" N, 121 06'65.89" W), it was a 90 kilometer ride from the east coast, over the mountains, and down into Taiwan's little desert near KenDing (21 94'01.79" N, 120 79'77.68" W). It was a nice, uneventful ride with blue sky, sunscreen, and quiet Taiwanese towns. So, some of us raced.

AnDongNi and A-Chun up front on road bikes.

Way down south through banana fields and rice paddies.

Waiting around at an important intersection. The sign on the far left is our eventual destination.

A nice old house on the side of the road.

Sorry I'm so slow on these updates. There will be two more updates over the next few days.

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