Thursday, March 16, 2006

and now, by popular demand...

a picture of a cow in the back of a truck.

oh yeah, and here's a picture of me standing on JAMES BOND ISLAND. Yes, it's true. You too can fly half way around the world to come to this amazing scenic location, as featured in the action packed THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN GUN, a film considered by many a critics to be THE GREATEST ACTION ADVENTURE OF ALL TIME.

But, anyway...

I just spent the best time of this trip yet on Mu Ko Surin National Park, about 60 km of the coast of Thailand in the Andaman. I camped and snorkled and read and ate expensive rice on the beach for 4 days. I would have stayed for a lot longer, but unfortunately I'm under some deadlines here. The park is famous for snorkeling, and it was beautiful as promised. Apart from the coral and colourful fish, I also spotted black tipped reef sharks (once a group of three, but don't worry mum, they are harmless) and swam with a huge sea turtle.

Unfortunately that's all over now, and I am in a town called Ranong just across the river from Myanmar. Tomorrow I will cross the river into Myanmar, get a stamp, then recross the river and get another stamp. These stamps, you see, are very important. You might think Im going there just to say "I've been to Myanmar, I've been to Myanmar" at inappropriate times (and I'm not saying I won't), but actually I need to do this visa run so I can stay in Thailand longer.

Nothing really very interesting to say right now, so I won't.

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Jason said...

Isn't that the Bond movie where the bad guy was actually a white actor in "yellowface"? And there was something like a giant laserbeam on the island? I also remember that Tattoo from Fantasy Island was in it.

Damn, you're right, it was a great movie!