Thursday, March 09, 2006

and now one step back...

One more post concerning Taiwan... probably.

I lived in Ilan for two years, and it was hard to leave. Apart from the lifestyle, the students were also hard to leave. I have been teaching some of these people (and little people) for a year and a half.

Here are pictures of a few of my favourites.

Children S, formally the notorious Children X class... When I first got this class I dreaded teaching them every week, but after a few months of tough "Aaron teacher" love, they came around nicely and became my favourite children's class.

Front Row Left: Henry Lin, Tina, Crazy George (frontmost), Brother and Sister Joe and Sharon, and Eric.

Middle Row Left: Henry Zhou, Judy, Karch (it becomes a name after you yell "KARCH BE QUIET!" about fifty times), New Kid, Candy, and Ella.

Back Pair: Brother and Sister John (the one with the speech impediment) and Penny.

Here is my baby class... I love these guys. They get so excited they jump on me during story time, give me spontaneous hugs, and follow me everywhere before class. So cute.

Here are a few of the hard core adult club students. From the left there's Jane, quiet girl, Karen, Peter (Koala's number one student), and Jack.

And finally Langer, who is handsome.


Anonymous said...

ha~ha you forgot Sandy's name right? ha~ha~..quiet girl ^^
i think that your travel is very nice.
From these photoes i can see..^^
i hope you have a good time in Thailand..^^


Anonymous said...

I think so , too.
Hope you have a good travel.