Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Holy Tropical Paradise!

I don't really have any time to write much, but I will post some pictures. As Marc suggested to me, this is in fact intended to make to all jealous.

After the first few days in Phuket riding, I put my bicycle on a boat and headed for Ko Phi Phi. It's "The Beach" dummy. You know, that movie.

And here it is, in all it's glory. Busy busy.

There are two islands out there in the Andaman Sea between Phuket and Krabi province. We took a longtail boat out to the small island to take a look on the second day. "We" being the Taiwanese man I met at the pier and stayed with on the island, and Dominic from Britian, who is heading into northern China for his second year of teaching there. Like minds get together I guess.

Our boat driver and the Thai flag.

This was the beach front of the hut I stayed in.

I went for a walk around the big island and passed these beautiful isolated beaches. The only way to get there is to take a longtail, or hike along the beach and rocks for a couple hours in the 35 degree heat. I suggest the boat, as it only costs a couple dollars. Beachfront huts here starting at $10 CDN a night.

Two small islands in the Andaman Sea seen from the viewpoint on top of Ko Phi Phi Don.

This little strip of beach was wiped out in last years tsunami. But, it's pretty well rebuilt, and I guess the crowds are returning.

Next I headed to RaiLeh. This is where all the rock climbers head.

My hut was in the trees on the left on this picture.

Ok, I'll post more soon.

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Jane said...

I guess the photos mean the camera purchase has been made. Photos look gorgeous...and hot. (snowing here right now - central Utah) Are there really sharks at THE beach?