Thursday, November 03, 2005

GongXi GongXi!

So, my life long friend Tom is finally (in the opinion of some) getting married this New Years Eve. You can send your gong xi to him in an email to Congratulations!

This timely event has given me the perfect excuse to go home for a few weeks vacation. I've got a ticket and I will be in and around Alberta and BC from December 18 until January 6. Oh yeah. Im quite excited. I don't think it's too cliche to say that, after over two years, I'm dreaming of a white Christmas...... Ok, maybe it is. Anyway, book your meeting now.

I looked through my photos of the fine couple, and this was the best one I found. While Anne Marie is a fine and beautiful woman, Tom is all black and beard, with a penchant for making faces when looking into the barell of a camera (or any time for that matter).

Going way back now, here they are on a dolphin watching boat tour off GuiShanDao (Turtle Mountain Island), an old volcanic island off the coast of Ilan. Nice one.


Anonymous said...

Nice to hear you are coming back for a short break,any plans to hit Edmonton?????


Anonymous said...

Cool. When will you be around Edmonton? Make sure we get a chance to hang out. We'll do whatever your little asian heart desires.

(i can't remember my blogger name and pw. I hate that.)

Anonymous said...

Right on, man. If you don't make it to Edmonton, I'll see you at the wedding!


Anonymous said...

I see a theme here... I think you will be required to spend some time in edmonton.....

Aaron Franz said...

Thanks guys...

I hope I can make it to Edmonton, but I'm not sure I will have time.

Time will tell.