Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Behind San Qing Temple

I heard about a little hike in the mountains behind a Taoist temple just a ten minute drive from my house.

Went for a walk in the rain there this past weekend, and found this place...

By the way you can click on all the pics here to see a bigger version.

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Mikhael Horvath said...

Franner, Franner, Franner,

It has been so long. I have wondered about your wandering and wonderings several times in this past year and have finally gone so far as to inquire with your mother. So here I am, absolutely blown away and moderately jealous of what seems to be your life in full colour. Props on the photos... I reckon myself a bit of photographer but you've really got a cool, unique style. I really dig the reflection shots. Helps that you've got the landscapes that you do but...
So yeah, believe it or not I actually finished university (hung it out with the engineering) this past spring and then went on a much littler adventure of my own to Europe. 'Course what I did was just a vacation not a segment of life... or was it? ANyways, I just landed my first good job and start next week. I'll be doing HVAC design with long term plans of saving the world with renewable energy. No oil pillaging for this guy! It was great to see your blog because I had almost forgotten that after I get my P.Eng I too want to 'disappear' for a while. Funny how things like work and money and repitition blur your true sense of direction sometimes. Except I'll probably go to the land of the Spanish speakers in th south.

Anyways... as per our rather dormant connection status... I realize that I wouldn't be first on the list of people to see when you get into the province but I am still in Edmonton and am (if not silently) joining the evidently significant group of others that would really like to see you here.

It's neat to see how unique each person's life is. I hope you thank God plenty for yours.