Saturday, February 10, 2007

Ottawa - Our Nation's Other Capital

I think that Ontario and Quebec are much colder than the west. I swear that the temperature has been between -10 and -20 C since I got here three weeks ago.
So... this is the Parliament building were the government meets. A large part of the building is open to the public, including the floors of the Commons and the Senate where the government meets. I went to question period a couple of times, and it was interesting to see the dynamics in the house. There's always another another opinion when four political parties are arguing with each other for a share of the vote. Thank God we don't have a two party system! It was also interesting to see the natural leadership of the four party leaders. Word to the wise... watch out for that John Baird. He's a bulldog! (and probably isn't overly conscious - or interested in - of the meaning of the words that flow loudly out of his mouth)The tower of the parliament is called the Peace Tower, also open to the public. This is the view looking east over an older section of Ottawa.

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