Sunday, February 18, 2007


A couple of months ago I was sad to find that I didn't have any pictures of the motorbike that I drove in Taiwan. But, Kevan used it to drive around when he visited us there, and he sent me this picture yesterday. That's a nice bike. Well, it's kind of a ridiculous bike... but it was lent to me for as long as I needed it.

Can you guess how many cc's are under all that fiberglass? And the top speed?


Sparks said...

125cc with a top speed of 90 kph.

Aaron Franz said...

too low, too low.... well, one figure is too low and one is just about right.

Katherine said...

400cc with a top speed of 90

How's montreal so far?

Aaron Franz said...

well, actually it's a 150cc... bored out to 165! It was a two stroke though, so it had a lot of pick-up. And, the top speed was around 95 (with the wind at your back). Can't say I never needed to go any faster than 70 on Taiwan's roads though.

Montreal is good. I am gainfully employed (part-time), but I'm still looking for a suitable place to live. I'm also not sure where I will study French, but I've checked out a few schools.

Let me know when you guys have time to come to Montreal. I should have a place sometime this week.

Actually, I'll extend that invitation to everyone who reads this. Let me know.

Anonymous said...

哇 我也有坐過耶~~ 比有一次在日月潭租的好太多了!!

你現在在那邊的交通工具是什麼? 維-

Aaron Franz said...

Wo xianzai meiyou chezi... meitian zuo METRO qu shangban, zhao pengyou, mai dongxi shenme de. Montreal de METRO hen fangbian, suoye wo juede buyong le. Tianqi bian hao de shihou, wo hui mai yige jiaotache!

Wo de wenfa zenmeyang?

Anonymous said...

(我現在沒有車子... 每天坐METRO去上班,找朋友,買東西什麼的。蒙特羅的METRO很方便,所以我覺得不用(*買...)了。天氣變好的時候,我會買一個(*輛)腳踏車!)


我打算去上課:學如何教中文 - 你覺得怎麼樣?我剛剛買了一個背包/30L的-準備出去玩囉。