Sunday, February 04, 2007

soup anyone?

I've been staying at Chris and Katherine's for over a week now... but before any of you pull out the line about guests going bad like fish after three days, you should know that I cooked all week (here we are eating hong shao niu rou mian - Taiwanese beef noodle soup). It's been great. This could be my new career. Other friends interested in providing me with free room in exchange for cooking and help with your grocery bills can contact me by email. Your chances of being chosen for this wonderful opportunity will substantially increase if you are living in an interesting locale.


marcandorkylie said...

Well I have a very interesting locale, it is called Kenya and I have a bedroom for you and a kitchen that is just waiting. Kylie

Shelley said...

hmm...i don't have a very interesting locale nor do i have a room for you to stay (except the crawl space) so i guess i'm out.
But the food does look good :)