Monday, October 30, 2006

Songnisan National Park Riding

Here are a few pictures of a five day trip I just finished. I took a bus to the center of South Korea last Thursday to meet Gordon, already on the road, and spent the days hiking and riding back to Jinju.

It's fall.

Persimmon trees are everywhere, and they are ready to harvest.

After they get them off the trees, they tie them up to dry. We were gifted fresh persimmons and apples by many a farmer on the trip.

Walking back to the park gate late in the day after a hike.

Gord naping in the last light of day. The weather is perfect for hiking and biking, but it gets cold at night. Fortunately I have sweet sleeping bag from China that keeps me warm in my tent. Gord was not so lucky with his gear.

Fall colours riding back to Jinju.

On top of Songnisan. Obviously it was a difficult hike if hikers of this magnitude were making it too the top.

A construction sign apparently advocating child labour? Or, at least showing the influence of anime.


imnotchris said...

Hey Cowboy,

That looks like some sweet riding. The pavement looks so good. Currently, most of my riding has been on really bumpy pavement that makes me afraid that my wheels will buckle anytime.

By the way - are you wearing cycling shoes? If not, I couldn't make a better recommendation.

Aaron Franz said...

In fact, the pavement in the Asian countries I've cycled in is always perfect (except in Laos). They really put Canada's roads to shame.

No cycling shoes yet, but I will get into those soon. Im planning to buy a road bike sometime in the future.

I heard it feels like you are flying...