Sunday, October 01, 2006

Lantern Festival

I've been really lazy with posting stuff recently. This trend might continue for awhile.

But, here are some pictures from the opening of Jinju's annual Lantern Festival. I have to say that it pales in comparison to Taiwan's National Lantern Festival that I attended a couple of years back in Tainan... It's a similar Idea though, but this one's only a local festival. It corresponds with the fall festival Choosuk, which is starting later this week.

Basically everyone goes down to the waterfront across from JinJu Castle/Fortress to look at these big "lanterns" (more like parade floats) on the river. There are hundreds of snack vendors catering to the masses, which is nice because there's usually not much variety in the food we eat at the cafeteria.

The next three weeks are pretty wide open. Today (Monday) we are giving a test to our students, tomorrow is a national holiday (Foundation Day), and Thursday and Friday are part of Choosuk. Most students are going home tomorrow, but we will probably teach a few of them on Wednesday. When I say teach, I mean get paid to go out to dinner and drinks with them. Next week we have a full load, but the week following that is midterm week. We've got a whole week off to... do something. I was thinking about going to Japan or Taiwan, but I'm leaning towards doing something in Korea. I'll only be here for a short time, so it seems silly to head off for the only real time off we will have between now and December.


Anonymous said...

你相機很久之前不見了 對不對?

Aaron Franz said...

meizuo, danshi wo zai taiguo you mai xinde. Gen wo yichien de chabuduo yiyang.

Anonymous said...

You should put more photos of yourself on here, you're too cute not to.