Sunday, October 15, 2006

bike shop guy

Those who cycle and often find themselves living in new locales know the importance of finding a bike shop guy. You know, a guy to keep you in parts and - more importantly - to take you out into the country side and show you where all the good riding is.

Finally found one here in Jinju. Myeong-gook owns and runs his one-man shop downtown.

We went out on the back roads for the day, and
late in the afternoon ended up at a temple where we were invited in for tea by some kindly monks. It was a good day.


imnotchris said...

Found a great shop here in Ottawa and one on the other side of the river in Gatineau. We visited every shop in the vicinity and have found a couple to satiate cycling needs. I bled my hydraulic brakes for the first time the other day and at the end of it, they work better than when I started. This makes me very happy. Your bike looks beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Hi Aaron,

I'm enjoying reading about your journey and seeing the sights of Korea. Sounds like you are doing well and keeping healthy. Enjoy it!

Anne Marie

Kevan said...

Yah, nice, Aaron. And nice big plastic water bottle in your bottle holder. I remember those. Bet you've used it a thousand times. The other day CBC told me that some a-ok tipster published a study stating that plastic water bottles are bad for me. Spank. That's too bad. All those years of too large greasy bottles, used until you lose the cap. Now I'm gonna pay.

Aaron Franz said...

It's good to know that the CBC is looking out for you.

That bottle was holding at least it's 20th liter for me (that's a specialized water bottle holder too, designed to hold those 1.5 liter bottles). Funny you should mention the cap, because that bottle ejected itself from my bike on a downhill section a couple of km later, and the cap blew off into a bamboo forest, never to be seen again. I rode the rest of the way home with water splashing my legs everytime I hit a bump.

Im looking for a replacement cap.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for more photos! Are you ever coming back home?

Aaron Franz said...

Who's this?

I am coming home this Christmas. I will stay for good this time. At least... I will try to stay for a year and check out some different cities in Canada. I'm thinking about moving east for awhile.

marcandorkylie said...

when i saw 6 comments i thought they were all going to be about your epic local-guided ride culminating with kindly monk tea! wow! what was the trail like? any crashes?
that's sweet that you'll be home for christmas, but seriously do you think you can last an entire year in canada? aren't you going to come and visit kylie and i?

Aaron Franz said...

The trail was good and steep. I had a couple of close calls, but managed to stay upright.

I think I can stay in Canada for a year... maybe half a year? Anyway, I imagine I will be moving around Canada anyway, so it will be similar to travelling anyway. It's not like I'm settling down yet.