Monday, January 29, 2007

Skating on the Rideau Canal

I'm in our Nation's capital now... (for those non-Canadians who read this, that's Toronto). They open up an 8 km section of the Rideau canal for skating every winter. It's an old canal and an old tradition.

This was the first weekend it opened (because of global warming of course). Actually, they've only opened up a 2 km section so far because - and I quote - "the weather's not that good for swimming."

It was a bright sunny day, which is a good thing, because it was about -15 degrees celcius. Jodi, Kevan and I drove up from Guelph to spend the weekend with Chris and Katherine. The province of Alberta was represented quite finely I think.

Behold, centripetal acceleration!

Chris, Katherine and Jodi (they are making winter memories).


Shelley said...

looks like fun! I like katherine's fur trim on her coat!

Katherine said...

That's real fur too. No fake fur for me. What's the point in having fake fur? People wear fur because its warm. That is its main feature/benefit. I'm glad you like it Shelley

i-palindrome-i said...

stop being sarcastic! i had to think twice on the capital comment, being the dumb american that i am.

Aaron Franz said...

what are you talking about Alice?