Monday, January 22, 2007



Anonymous said...

Aaron你最近都偷懶 沒有寫文章喔~~
照片這些人是誰啊?好可愛喔~~~ 是你的表弟表妹嗎?

Aaron Franz said...

buhao yisi, danshi, wo meiyou shijian xie zi... haishi wo bu zhidao yao xie shenme. Nashei xiao pengyou shi wo hao pengyou de jiejie de hai zi. Ta you san ge nuer.

Hao, xiaci wo hui xie yixie zi.

Shelley said...

well. No idea what you just said or who those kids are...but they sure are cute!

word verification: kernvgm

Aaron Franz said...

hmmm. A translation follows.


Aaron, you recently always loafing, no have write article.
Quickly write some give everyone look!
Pictures these people are whose? Very Cute~~~ are your younger male cousin, younger female cousin?

Or, to get the feeling of it, I should translate it this way:

Aaron, recently you've been really lazy... you've not written anything on your blog. Get your act together and write something for everyone to read! Whose kids are those in the pictures? So cute... are they your little cousins?
Feel free to correct me if you think this is a bad translation.

Also, those are Tom's sisters girls.

Aaron Franz said...

Oh yeah, my answer:


Bad meaning, but, I no have time write words... or I not know want write what. Those little friends (children) are my good friend's older sister's children. She has three daughters.

Good (OK then), next time I will write a few words.

Anonymous said...

Hi Aaron,
What a perfect translation you did. You are really good at learning foreign language. Especially, Chinese.


Aaron Franz said...

Ha thanks Peter,

Peter was my number one student in Taiwan, so I don't know if he qualifies as unbaised...

Thanks for reading my blog Peter. Hao jiu bu jian.

Anonymous said...

哈 Aaron 我已經好久沒上來看了! 昨天我才看到你的回覆 - 很驚訝我都看得懂耶(你的羅馬拼音)!!很有意思!



Aaron Franz said...

well, it might awhile before I can write a blog posting in French... but I'll be sure to do so the day I become fluent. I'll start French classes in March.