Saturday, September 09, 2006

QinYun Shan


Anonymous said...

Hey!Ni hao!
Are u still in China?
Where are u now?
Where is QinYun Shan?
I live in ZhongShan City,GuangDong Porvince..!!


Aaron Franz said...

No I'm not in China right now... I'm teaching in Korea.

QinYun Shan is in AnHui Province near Huang Shan.

What are you doing in GuangDong? Working?

XinYi said...

Wow! you are teaching in Korea now! Wow....Yep! I am working in GuangDong! HOw is everything in Korea? Do u learn Korean too?

Aaron Franz said...


Im trying to learn Korean... it's more difficult than Chinese so far. The grammar is too crazy, and there are all these different ways to speak to those older and younger etc. I'm trying to practice my Chinese as much as possible though.

Can you speak any Korean? What about GuangDong Hua?