Saturday, September 09, 2006

More of XiDi

It's not really a ping-pong table, but we thought we would hold an imaginary tournament anyway.

Landscape and poem over someones front door.

This was actually the main tourist market area.

Anton and Aki examine what remains of last night's dinner. The fields around XiDi are full of mulberry trees, the leaves of which are harvested for silkworms to feed on. It must be a pretty big "cottage industry", because every morning the streets were dotted with piles of stems and the odd dead worm.

Mornings are also a good time to dry some wheat.

Inner courtyard with hanging pumpkins.

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Anonymous said...

Really enjoyed seeing the shots of this traditional part of China. Talking of postcards.... this doorway and the bowl in a window photo (previous post) are beautiful. I'll put in an order for 8x10's some future date I guess.