Tuesday, May 23, 2006

regarding comments

Of course, it is possible for me access www.blogger.com to compose and upload postings to this blog, but I cannot view my blog through normal channels. China blocks the url that blogger blogs use, blogspot.com

Interestingly enough, they don't block yahoo blogs, msn blogs and many others. It seems that people who use blogger.com are of a different breed (but we knew that, right?).

Being moderatly web savy (barely), I found out I can access my site and many others (all others, in fact) by using a proxy server.

One can go to www.livreproxy.com or www.anonymouse.org, key in any website address, and surf anonymously through a server in the states. Amazing!

To get to the point, though these are nice services, they have one problem. For some reason, I can view my comments but not post any. Go figure.

I'm sorry that your comments are unanswered. It's not because I don't like you. Actually, I quite like you.



marcandorkylie said...

I like you too Aaron! Kylie

Anonymous said...

That make sense why you are so "cool" recently.We like you too!

Shelley said...

hey. you don't know me. i found your blog through marc and kylie's blog and i've been reading it for the last little bit. I"ve been living vicariously through you as you get to travel around and i'm stuck here working (wanna trade?). The pictures are pretty cool.

safe travels.