Monday, April 17, 2006

Vientiane to Vang Viene

I know it's been a while - sorry - but we've been biking through some high country, and highspeed internet isn't as common as you might expect in the mountains of northern Laos.

Actually it's probably more common than you would expect, assuming you expected that there wasn't high speed internet up here. There is (dummy).

I admit it. This picture wasn't even taken in Laos. It was Thailand. Oh well. Cha BuDuo.

This one was though. A fine restaurant floating on the Mekong. Meals starting at 1 USD.

Watched this guy from the restaurant. He fished with a throw net while his wife deftly maneuvered the boat over schools of fish. Skilled they were.

These kids gathered round us when we stopped in a little road side village for a refreshment. As we ride into the villages, the first kid to see us will start running to the road yelling "SaBaDi!". When other children hear this, they inevitably drop whatever they are playing with and make a beeline for the road as well. This chain reaction moves up the road faster than we do, which makes riding through the villages pretty funny.

This is the only country I have ever been to where kids don't yell "Hello!" when we meet...

And then, riding out of town we met these guys. Not sure what they use them for... maybe logging?

No, probably just for riding.

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Anonymous said...

Whoa - not a lot of clearance from water level to topside of boat....looks pretty tippy to me.
I prefer bigger.... are they gunwales?
Good to see the countryside.
Looks great.