Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Photos of Vang Viene

Just some pictures today.

The bungalows we stayed in at Vang Viene.

Limestone "Karsts" across the river.

Brett is mobbed by some kids who were swimming in the river as we considered if we would pay the toll to cross the bridge (every bridge had a troll).

A view from a bridge as we biked north to Kasi.

Another view from along the road of a little canyon we passed through.


Anonymous said...

Now are there just tolls at these bridges... or trolls too??? How much was the toll/How big was the troll?
Full of questions that's me.
A final query.... was the scenery/landforms at Pingshi also Karst?
In Alberta - Warmer here now, signs that green is the real colour of the grass - and easter chocolate rules!

Aaron Franz said...

Always nice to see comments on the blog, even if they are from my Mum.

The troll is the person who levys the toll I figure.

It was about 75 cents and she was probably under 5' 6". I totally could have taken her in a battle to the death.

I'm not sure about those formations in PingXi... if they were limestone, then I guess they would be considered karsts. Any geologists out there?

Sparks said...

Your pictures never fail to amaze me. Though, I too am filled with questions. Like, did you buckle and fork over the 75 cent bridge toll? Did the troll build the bridge and therefore have a legitimate claim for the request? And, what would 75 cents buy a guy in PingXi??

Keep the updates coming Aaron!

Aaron Franz said...

I suspect that these trolls did not infact build said bridge. Instead, I believe the bridge just happened to be close to her front door.

I also have to point out that this troll only levyed the fine to those of the pale skinned disposition.

Outrageous! I did not pay on principle.