Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Sri Lanka

Sunrise on Adam's Peak

Queen Hotel in Kandy.

Karma Chameleon.

In the Big Rock Kandy Mountains, there's a land that's fair and bright...

Sigiriya Sigiriya Sigiriya. Try saying that three times correctly - or even once... all trip.

Many working oliphants in these parts.

Amazing six hour train ride through the hills and tea estates.

Village station.

Adam's Peak, first day of the pilgrimage season - December 31st, 2009.

This pic has it all.

Rock Temple. Many Buddhas inside.

The colonialists considered squatting a mark of being uncivilized.
However, I see it as a mark of superiority -
while I squat with ease, most westerners cannot.
Also, it is very relaxing.

Below you'll note that I am in fact presenting a mocking
demonstration of the "tippy toe" squat.


Katherine said...

those are impressive squats
As a westerner who cannot squat comfortably I applaud you.

AW said...

I do enjoy a good squat. It can be useful in many ways.
1. to avoid sitting on less than clean surfaces
2. to survive using public toilets in China
3. it gives a great stretch (referred to as utkatasana or squatting posture in yoga)
4. there is nothing like getting/giving back to nature while squatting in the bush
5. and there must be others...

Sparks said...

6. dodging bullets