Monday, June 09, 2008


Once again, back by popular demand, for your viewing
pleasure. Unless you live in China. Then we block it.

Little villages in the hills. There used to be a lot of expat villas here in the 20's, but they were all dismantled during the cultural revolution. We took the hikers to some of the old foundations.

New tea fields.

Promo shot for Bohdi. To be featured on next month's cover.

Paths in the tea.


AW said...

Hello! Nice to see some new pics. How far are those lovely tea farms from Shanghai? Looks like a great place to cruise around.


Aaron Franz said...

moganshan is about 3.5 hours from shanghai. pretty special place.

jesperbot said...

Guess what!?! Blogger is officially unblocked (at least for the time being). I am having a great time cruising the world of blogs at high speed - so liberating! Beautiful photos. How's Shanghai treating you? Post some pictures of the city as well when you get a chance.


tyrnandkelsey said...

I miss things being that GREEN! Cute girl in your last photo. How is the rest of China treating you?

Anonymous said...

Hi Aaron,
This is Larry of BOHDI, just see your blog by accident...
Are you working hard or having fun somewhere dude?

AF said...

Yo Larry,
I'm working hard i guess in uni in singapore. might be back in china next summer. if so i'm sure i'll see you around.