Sunday, November 19, 2006

TaGong Grasslands

I haven't been taking many pictures recently, but I'm going to post some pictures from earlier in the year. This series is from the TaGong Grasslands in western SiChuan. It's about 100 km from the Tibet's political border, but well inside Tibet's cultural border.

Downtown TaGong.

The main temple.

An outlying temple.

A traditional house unique to the TaGong area.


Sparks said...

Are you planning to be in Alberta any time soon?

Aaron Franz said...

I will be in Alberta on the December 18th. Driving in with Marc and Kylie. You got time for camping sometime between the 26th to 30th?

imnotchris said...

My very narrow window of opportunity is leaning - er, restricted to the 28th for camping! I'm not cold.