Friday, August 25, 2006

NamHae Tour

Just back from a short four day tour of NamHae Island with fellow teacher Adrian. Beautiful scenery, friendly folks, and good food. The roads were excellent, though they were a bit hilly for Adrian. He actually bought a bike the day before we left just for the occasion. Even though he hadn't been on a bike for at least half a year, I think he had a good time. We took it pretty easy, doing about 35 or 40 km a day. There was plenty to see.

On the last day we did nearly 70 km to get back to Gyeongsang here, and I think it nearly killed him.

In the news section of this entry, it should be noted that I will be an employee of this University for the next three months.

I guess I will be back for Christmas again?


This roof is for you Brett... I think it's a tea house.

Don't tell Adrian I showed you guys this picture... and watch out for the cliffs.

We managed to circle the entire island, the third biggest in Korea, on roads like this.

So... can you guess what those are?

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Brett said...

Looks cool. It's funny those pictures look like they could have been in TW or any of the places we were biking, except the roofs look very different. In a funny way, the roofs there look more "chinese" than those we saw in any land where they speak Chinese. Big hills out in those parts? I've been working on an update to my blogski for a while, but haven't published her. My landlord gave me a computer to use, which is great, but it only has 32 mb of ram. So it's really slooow. I'll have to update from work. When do you start that there job?