Thursday, June 01, 2006

Quite Boring

This road was as dangerous as it looks.

Taking down old buildings the quick and easy way. I'd like to point out that these guys are hammering on the very brick walls that they are standing on.

Downtown Kunming.

More of downtown. Kunming is way out in the boonies, far from ShenZhen and the factories that produce most of the goods in the world. And yet, the economy is booming and the city is arguabley more developed and progressive than most North American cities. In addition to dedicated bus and bicycle lanes, wide sidewalks, solar heated water, and plenty of public green space, almost all of the scooters are electric. All this in a city of 5 million people that succeeds in feeling like a city of about 500000.
Today we are off to DaLi and the Himalaya. Better pictures are sure to follow.

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快快快!! 來點新的照片吧!!