Saturday, January 28, 2006

Harping on Canada

I realize that last post might not be clear to some.

To clarify (mostly for our foreign guests): below is a map showing which party won power in each Canadian electoral riding in our recent January 23rd federal election.

The comments are, I imagine, from an Albertan's perspective (that ALL blue province in the west).

My home province Alberta is where money comes from (it's the oil dummy - see
here, here, and here). With money seems to come the opinion that you deserve it, and we do dammit.

Alberta is so rich that anyone can make money, and most do. It's so rich that any fool could successfully govern the place, and one does.

But back to the map.

Blue represents the
Conservatives - formally progressive, now turned populist. Call them the Republicans of the Great White North. They definitely aren't into gun control, and are not too happy about gay marriage (or homosexuals) either. Throw universal health care into that basket too. They are also the kind of boys who would have us in Iraq if they could.

Green are the New Democratic Party. The NDP
is as far left as the mainstream dares to tread. My money is with them because the Green Party aren't going to be influencing Canadian policy any time soon. They are, in my opinion, trying to keep Canada honest to some of the principals that Canada was built on. I like to think that they stand up for human interests, as opposed to corporate interests. You know, instead of selling off the whole show to make a quick buck.

Purple is the
Bloc Quebecois. Their mandate is to protect Quebec interests and leave Canada someday. Fair enough. You might think that only Quebec wants to leave the federation... if only we were so lucky. Western Separatists (read: indignantly bitter old men in Alberta who foam at the mouth when they hear words like "federal transfer payments" or "equalization") form a small part of our political rainbow too. Read more about these patriots here or here.

Red are the
Liberals. They held power for a long time now, but lost their grip on the 23rd. Apparently we've never been a big fans over (t)here in Alberta. We had two Liberal MP's up in Edmonton, but they're gone now. Albertans generally feel that Ottawa has been ripping us off (federal transfer payments to eastern provinces) for a long time now, and I guess that enough of Canada agrees (the sponsorship scandal) that they lost control.

So it is.

Satire is the word of the day.


Anonymous said...

Harper's gonna have your nut for breakfast bro. Haven't you heard? All Albertan's have had to sign off on their unfounded but committed love for the conservatives, lest we lose our $400 cheques. You better watch out - being a dissident Albertan overseas puts you right in the cross-hairs of Harper’s new conjoined-American-spy agency. They’re going to track you via blog and rap at your front door – better get mobile. Oh yah, I forgot, you are… Nice writing Aaron. Go easy. Kev

Sparks said...

So, the New Empire's prosperity cheques are ariving by the bag load, and low-and-behold, the New Empire's conspirator Little Brother Empires are raking in the cash. What a way to pad the pockets of the already rich and probably not living in Canada anyways! Yes, it is sad. Our fellow residents of this grand province Alberta, gay hating, gun toting, Brokeback Mountain forboding, have done us proud by ignorantly selling out again. Who can complain really? Ralph Bucks will get you a discount at any major retail outlet, and we can buy those things we always needed but couldn't justify affording. Now we have a new Prime Minister, a home grown boy from Calgary at the helm. I like this. Jean Cretien was just not freeky enough (Martin will be forgotten before remembered, remember Joe Clark?), we had to elect a naive fundamentalist puppet, that clearly has the devil himself looking out from those creepy eyes. God bless Canada? No, God bless the oilsands of the northern Empire and many good times to come at Camp David.

Anonymous said...

while i agree that an unfettered Conservative party is poised at a crucial juncture to sell out Canadian's privacy and even autonomy with regards to our natural resources, I optimistically believe that public opinion and the new government's minority status will combine with their current populist strategies to mitigate some of the damage that they could inflict.
Albertans wake up and smell your power bills!

Aaron Franz said...

I am glad to see that this blog has finally become a forum for the far left political rants of my friends.

More opportunities are bound to arise!