Monday, December 05, 2005

My Christmas List

Here it is. My list of Christmas wishes, at least one of which I hope comes true.

After reading this I'm sure you'll wish you never asked.

Here now in order of.... wanting.

A Hennessy Hammock - The Explorer Deluxe Asym

Oh so sweet. The answer to my Southeast Asian and South American traveling dreams.

Sooo convenient. Sooo light. Sooo small. Sooo comfortable (I hope). Sooo sweet.

It's available in MEC and other outdoor stores, running something like 130 to 180 CDN. I need this model (Explorer Deluxe Asym) because I am over 6 foot.

Hennesy Hammocks


I'm heading into Asia proper soon, and I'm not taking any shoes. Shoes are too heavy, and Asia is too hot for them anyway. I traveled in India for 5 months and never put on shoes once (alright there was a few times where I used them for hiking in the mountains). I wore a pair of sandals everyday for five months in India and Malaysia that I bought for 3 ringgit (about one dollar CDN) in Kuala Lumpur, but you really can't hike in those. I want a nice pair of sandals. Hiking sandals? You know, rugged and comfortable and most likely expensive. Toe protection would be good to. Check out models from Keen (
Newport or Hood River, or the Chaco Z2 Colorado.


I really need bicycle panniers, but I won' tell you why. Used is ok!

A Backpack

I've got this one black MEC bookbag that I used in India but then I put it on this gas container in the front of a bus and some thick black gunk got on it and then the gunk ate through the nylon on the bag and then it ate through the cotton of the shirt on my bag. Shoot. It's looks kind of ratty, and besides it's likely headed for a catastrophic structural failure.

I want the MEC Vento Daypack (Long, not standard size). It's made in Vietnam! I want sage and blue. Gimme Gimme Gimme. Thanks.

MEC Vento DayPack

A Water Purifier

The worst thing about backpacking is drinking bottled water. Well the water is pretty good, but the hundreds of plastic bottles are not cool (3 big bottles a day).

The MSR MIOX Purifier is the perfect answer. It uses rock salt, an anode, and two AA batteries to create chlorine which you can use to purify your water. It's 99 grams. Nice.

MSR MIOX Purifier


I lost my sunglasses. I promise I won't lose them again if you buy me a new pair.


Artist: Ustad Shujaat Khan. Title: Lajo Lajo. Year: 1995.

This is a beautiful CD. You'll definitely have to order it online. Look and listen here:

Ustad Shujaat Khan - Music India OnLine


I have two books here that I am saving to travel with. I will use them to trade for new books, so I won't carry any more. Don't buy me any books. Well, if you are dying to buy me this one book that you really really think I need to read, go for it.


They cost a quarter the price here in Taiwan as they do in Canada, and it only gets cheaper across the way. Don't bother. Oh, except those cool pants that turn into shorts. Those are cool, and I wore mine out. My waist size is 32".

Ok there it is. Thanks. Have fun.

買買買。 Buy buy buy.

Or, check out these folks.

Buy Nothing Christmas

Gotta love those Mennonites...


Correy said...

You probably know already, but the sandals you want are Chacos. They are rugged, comfortable, and beautiful to behold (although Ty thinks they're effeminite). You want the Z1 or the Z2. It'll put your gift-buyer out about $110 (Can). Used to be cheaper but now they're popular, so go figure.

Aaron Franz said...

Hey Correy, thanks for the tip...

I updated this post accordingly.

I checked it out, and I think I prefer the Z2. But, those Keen sandals and pretty sweet... Gotta love the toe cap for cycling and hiking.

Safety first.