Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Sunday ride in Northern Taiwan - 130 Km

Ok, last Sunday, Sept 25, I went with the Ilan Ironman Bike club for a great ride around north eastern Taiwan here. We started early at about 730 am and finished up around 4. It was a nice ride, not too crazy like... I was stopping every 10 or 15 minutes to take pictures, and here is a sample... We went from Ilan to DaXi along the coast highway, and then went up into the mountains from there, across a pass to ShuangXi, and then back out to the coast near FuLong, and back down the coast highway to Ilan. The greatest part was on highway #1 from DaXi to ShuangXi. Beautiful temples, old traditional stone houses, and rice paddies surrounded by jungle.


Kevan said...

Aaron, good bloggin’. Quite a sensational fix to a morning.

And you’re right, what a great forum by which to open up life – just a little bit more – to the intrigue of others. Hey, can I use your blog as my own blog? That way I feel as though I am posting via Taiwan. Heck … not a worry, I’ll settle for a comment:

I am in Guelph Ontario. An old university town for the most part: friendly and plugged within ancient forests of maples; peaked by lofty sandstone churches fortified by grumpy statues of stone magistrates. The campus is old (grew out of a vet college est in 1862), and within a far away hidden corner it features an ancient poultry shed: a small red brick 3-door garage building swamped in furry vine fern and shaggy old trees, crammed with books and tree cross-sections. This is my shared office, and I will not object.

I live in the southern suburbs, in a basement – quiet, and adjacent to rolling cornfields and the setting sun. The university is a 20-minute bicycle – two intersections, one minor road, then 15 minutes of weave through interconnected box-store parking lots all the way to the tree I lock at. Sears, Zellers, Canadian Tire, Chapters, Ultra-Foods – a vast and most gargantuan ocean of concrete; multi-colored hats and sneakers bobbing with burdened shopping carts through waves of exhaust and yellow lines. Hilarious! Fifteen minutes!

Anyway, my first-ever pseudo-blog. Thanks Aaron for admittance.

You’re missed bro,

Thomas Dyck said...

Ni hao bang ah!

Thomas Dyck said...